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......@@ -28,8 +28,12 @@ and the quality of semantically annotated 3D models.
* Subfolders `uvc_camera_cam_X`
* Files `uvc_camera_cam_X_fXXXXX_gtr.png` - GT annotation with reduced label set IDs (indexed bitmap)
* Files `uvc_camera_cam_X_fXXXXX_undist.png` - undistorted color image (RGB)
* Files `uvc_camera_cam_X_fXXXXX_pos.yml` - camera pose (xyz+quat)
* Files `uvc_camera_cam_X_fXXXXX_over.png` - overlay of annotation over greyscale image (for display)
* Files `uvc_camera_cam_X_fXXXXX_cam.txt` - camera parameters (f,c,q,t)
The pose format is `fx fy cx cy qw qx qy qz tx ty tz`, where `q` is the quaternion denoting the camera orientation and `t` is the camera translation.
The transformation from world to camera coordinates is given as `[R(q)|t]`, where `R(q)` is the rotation matrix corresponding to quaternion `q`.
### Testing
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