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......@@ -50,6 +50,21 @@ _NOTE_: Due to bug in Gitlab server valid PLY files are not downloaded with ZIP
* Files `vcam_X_fXXXXX_dmap.bin` - depth map (binary matrix with image dimensions, single float IEEE-BE format)
* Files `vcam_X_fXXXXX_dmap.png` - depth map (visualization)
#### Depth data
Matlab code to read `_dmap.bin` files:
fd = fopen('training/clear_0001/vcam_0/vcam_0_f00001_dmap.bin','r');
A = fread(fd,[480 640],'single','ieee-be');
with open('training/clear_0001/vcam_0/vcam_0_f00001_dmap.bin', 'rb') as f:
x = np.fromfile(f, dtype='>f4', sep='')
a = np.reshape(x, [480, 640], order='F')
#### Cameras
There are five camera pairs arranged in a pentagonal rig. The stereo pairs are `cam_0/cam_1`, `cam_2/cam_3`, `cam_4/cam_5`, `cam_6/cam_7`, `cam_8/cam_9`.
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